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The Goulds is a real community in the St. John's area of Newfoundland and Labrador, but the names of those in the story have been changed to protect their identity. Despite this story being mostly fictional, there are genuine paranormal stories taken from the community of the Goulds that its residents believe in. - Brandon

I moved to the Goulds when I was about twelve, back in the year 2008. Everyone from the Goulds knows the community has its fair share of paranormal stories, and even to go as far as saying there are various haunted locations within the community itself. I faced my first encounter with the paranormal back in September of 2015. One of my best friends, Daniel, told me of this experience he had in the woods leading to Shoal Bay; which is located almost at the end of the community. This story told by Daniel involves him coming home from camping one morning, about three years ago. And as he was returning to the road (Shoal Bay Road itself) from camping near the ocean, Daniel caught a glimpse of a little girl’s apparition in the corner of his eye. While driving his ATV towards the road, the spirit of the little girl caught his attention right away. Having heard this story before from other people living in the community, this led to Daniel believing in the paranormal. In September of 2015, myself, Todd, Daniel, and Daniel’s girlfriend Abby all went camping in the Shoal Bay area. Much like many other Newfoundlanders, I was mentioning how I had a strong belief in the paranormal and ghost stories in general. Daniel says,

“Listen man, you gotta’ hear this story that happened a few years ago.”

As Daniel continued to tell the story, transmitting his perception of the paranormal to me and our other friends, it made me think of how people within this province (Newfoundland) often share paranormal stories as a method of entertainment. However, what was the most vital thought during this moment was that my friends and I were camping pretty close to this particular area mentioned in Daniel's story. The next morning, Todd and I drove his ATV a short distance from our shack in order to retrieve supplies for starting a fire. When getting off the bike, I hauled out my pack of cigarettes and began smoking as I proceeded to help Todd with cutting the boughs and placing them on the rear of the bike. Daniel’s story crossed my mind, and perhaps this was just my mind playing tricks on me but I am almost certain there was a small child standing in the woods adjacent from where I was at that moment in time. But I didn’t say anything to Todd about it.

(c) The Modernist Son, 2020

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