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Note: The following is a preview of an upcoming short story project. This is an early stage for the project, which will be officially released in late 2021. A special thank you to Mr. Liam Pittman, whom is my project collaborator for the story. One more thing, the title is also a *work in progress*. The story itself will be written in five "acts", all of which will focus on a specific theme to merge the story together. Keep in mind this is a work of fiction. Like all stories, the events and struggles are inspired by real world events. But in the end, this story is primarily false.

Tentative Title: The Strongest Construct , by Brandon R. Skanes (with Liam Pittman)

Story Preview:

ACT ONE: I believe in my son

Charlie was born in 1991, in a small village of South America. His home village thrived for centuries because of its gold mine, which made the people believe the natural resource supply was as endless as the Canadian tundra. Shortly after his birth, Charlie’s home village was devastated by a massive fire, which destroyed most of the housing and massacred the people. Unfortunately, among those casualties were his mother and father. As the village continued to collapse from the fire and wreckage, the world’s most sacred bond saved Charlie’s life. A woman, whom he had never met before, brought Charlie to a local orphanage where he lived for the next seven months. As the woman lifted Charlie into her arms and started for his next destination, Charlie stared at her with his infant eyes full of love and affection. Charlie, even at such a young age, knew he was given an extra opportunity. Just seven and a half months later, Charlie was adopted by his mom and dad; creating a bond that could never be broken. His parents arrived in South America in late 1991, their faces immediately greeted by the blistering sun as they stepped down from the plane hosted by Canadian Airlines. Charlie’s opportunity started now, as his parents rode in a taxi cab to the orphanage which rested just outside where his village used to stand.

Riding in the taxi cab through the chaos of what was once Charlie’s home for such a short time, his parents were overwhelmed by melancholy and grief. There were so many lives lost, and no one could figure out why it happened. Some people said it was greed. But no one could figure out what that really meant. Charlie’s mom was impacted the most from the devastation of the village. About nine months earlier she watched her neighbors Labrador puppy struck and killed by a pickup truck, which was up until this point- the most heart-shattering thing she ever witnessed. But now there was the village. So many lives lost and no way of figuring out what really happened. The taxi cab pulled into the driveway of the orphanage, which was evidently well-maintained despite the destruction of the former village that sat just a few hundred yards away. What happened next proved to be a game changer for Charlie’s mom.

Looking into his eyes, she knew what it really meant to be a mom for the first time. She might not have given birth to him, but the bond between Charlie and his mom was exactly what it should have been. Charlie's mom was once again overwhelmed with emotion, but this time it was the joy of motherhood. Charlie's mom might not have brought him into the world herself, but she certainly saved him from a life of ruin. The couple walked through the threshold of the orphanage and were greeted by the woman who brought Charlie to the orphanage when he was just a few weeks old. The woman had snow white hair and wore a green Coco Chanel business suit for ladies. "You must be the new parents?" she asked with a smile showing her perfect teeth. "Yes," said the dad, "we're here to see Charlie." The woman smiled and led them to the bedroom upstairs at the far end of the hallway, located adjacent to a large window that cascaded light of a new day onto the walls of the facility. "Right this way" said the woman, and she led the couple to their son.

(c) The Modernist Son, 2020

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