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A few days ago I made an announcement that I was working on a book, and I will also be getting it published in July of 2021. Although I am primarily an academic and non fiction writer, I am still going to challenge myself and write a short story with Liam Pittman. It's no secret that I am better at academic writing, but the short story project will also be released in 2021, albeit there will be some changes to the project itself. The story structure will not change, but I have decided to write the story through a first-person perspective instead. Myself and Mr. Pittman have decided that writing a story which details the thoughts going through a character's head, that would be more rewarding to the reader rather than looking at it from an external third-person point of view. Our short story project will be released as a free eBook in July of 2021, along with my upcoming folklore title (that will be a paid release).

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