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I've mentioned in previous blog posts, my favourite video game of all time is 2008's "Fable 2". I first played Fable in 2016, shortly after it became available on Xbox One through Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.

Until 2015, I had been playing either PlayStation or Nintendo. This was my first time owning an Xbox console, so there were some games I had missed out on. For example, I'd never played a "Halo" game until about 2016. Interesting enough, fellow writer Gordon Blackwood is a big fan of the Halo franchise.

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Not surprisingly, "Fable" became my favourite video game franchise in short time. So, why am I writing about a video game I haven't played in a few years? Well, the series is being introduced on Xbox Series X in the future- that's one thing. Further, a comment my friend made the other day really "sparked" my memory.

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Although the "Fable" franchise was the first to truly give players a choice of being "good" or "evil", the primary basis of each game does involve saving Albion. However, there will often be times when the players moral choices are questionable.

With respect to "saving Albion", players will be recognized for either their heroic deeds, or evil intentions. Following the players arrival to Oakfield (one of the largest settlements besides Bowerstone), there is a sculptor that will honour the hero of Bower Lake.

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The other the day, the host of podcast "Radio, Radio" jokingly said someone should build a statue of me because of my work. Although he was joking, it did remind me of my favourite video game.

By the time the player reaches Oakfield, citizens of Albion have become aware they are on a journey to end Lord Lucien's "reign of terror". In order to celebrate the first "true" hero of Albion in hundreds of years, a lady in Oakfield wants to immortalize the Hero of Bower Lake.

Although the player can change the expression of the statue anytime they choose, the official statues of the player (there will be several around Albion) do not actually appear until the player returns from the Tattered Spire. Admittedly, the player is absent from mainland Albion for almost ten years. Although I made decisions in "Fable" based on how I would make them in real life (so, I was good), there are some differences based on player action. If the player chooses to be evil, this will be reflected by the player having horns growing from their head, as well as the head of the statue.

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