So, this is why Alexander didn't have a beard.

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Although his reign as the King of Macedonia lasted less than thirteen years (he was only about 33 when he died, actually), Alexander the Great was known for his achievements as a military general, having conquered areas between Macedonia and Egypt, as well as Greece and part of India. Unfortunately, India was Alexander's final destination, since this is where he was fatally shot with an arrow by an Indian soldier.

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One aspect of Alexander "the legend" is that he "smelled of roses", and was desired by men and women all over the known world. However, another story about Alexander is that he wanted his men (military soldiers) to be clean-shaven, as it would benefit them in battle. According to legends, Alexander believed that if his men wore beards, it would just be another advantage for their opponents in battle (as they could easily pull on the facial hair).

With that in mind, beards and other forms of facial hair have been viewed as either an "omen" to society, or a fashionable trend. For instance, wearing facial hair in the 1950s was viewed as disrespectful and "unkept". However, this concept changed. By the 1970s, most men wore full beards- just look at the beard Doors frontman Jim Morrison wore during the last year of his life in 1971. (Seen above)

I haven't grown a beard since 2019, so I decided to start doing it again. Beards and other forms of facial hair have been once again popularized, since about 2011.

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