Spirits of the Fallen

Photo by: Jai Manson

Don't wander too far at night

You'll be risking your fragile, young life

In the deepest locations, amongst the series of islands; they won't go gentle into that good night

The souls of the dead continue their fight, for their proud allegiance and chivalry

Jealousy runs through them, so don't let them see you; as you will never be free from their gaze

It could very well be the last thing you do

The spirits of former soldiers, at night these islands belong to them

Protecting the unearthed divine, and ensuring their legacy

Please listen to me when I tell you:

If you hear the sounds of marching, and the bloodshed of war; just turn the other way

The Night Marchers, the spirits of the fallen, they are so unforgiving to humankind

©The Modernist Son, 2021. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Canada.

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