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When it comes to urban legends, the whole "camp fire" setting is a common motif. For instance, I remember during the summer of 2008 we would play "Spot Light" at my friend's house. By the last few weeks of August, we were there every night and after we played the game for a few hours, we'd end up taking turns with story-telling.

One of my friends, he had an admiration for conspiracy theories, urban legends, and even mythology at a young age. Admittedly, I got some of my life-long interests when I met him. More specifically, I remember when he told us all the story of "Dooms Day". At the time, some people were convinced the world would end on December 21, 2012. With respect to the transmission of this theory, the film "2012" was released in 2009.

Fire Ghost:

From 1990 to 1996, Canadian broadcast station YTV aired a program called "Are you Afraid of the Dark?". I'll be honest, this show concluded shortly before I was born. However, I enjoyed the show in re-runs during the 2000s.

A few days ago, my friend (and member of #themodernistson) bought a fire pit for his backyard. I was invited to sit around the fire pit last night, and it got me thinking. This was exactly what the Midnight Society did in the 1990s television show, "Are you Afraid of the Dark?".

In 1994, an episode aired which involved the concept of a "Fire Ghost". Much like other episodes, the Midnight Society begin their story-telling competition by gathering around a fire they have lit in the woods.

In the story of the "Fire Ghost", this claims staring directly into the flame welcomes a violent fire ghost to the real world. Why would the writers come up with story? Well, one possible explanation would be a means of proving fire is dangerous beyond physical burning. For example, there's the possibility of smoke inhalation. Furthermore, another possibility is that when a fire is not put out properly, it can quickly spread. With that in mind, this concept is addressed in the episode.

What do you think ? Does a "fire ghost" exist?

Thank you, and stay safe


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