The Ghosts of Military Past

For most of my life, I have been fascinated by the supernatural. Growing up in Canada, there were several animated series airing on YTV that focused on paranormal events.

For instance, there was Martin Mystery (2003-2006), as well as Mona the Vampire (1999-2006). Both of these shows aired while I was in elementary school, and were some of my favourites.

In the summer of 2008, my maternal grandmother was living in the city of Mount Pearl- the neighbor city of St. John's. At some point during the summer (it was probably August), I was staying with my grandmother for a few days. So, we ended up going to this museum near her house.


"Located just outside St. John's in scenic Mount Pearl, Admiralty House Communications Museum will fascinate you with artifacts from the region's past, wireless communication and the tragedy of the S.S. Florizel. Enjoy fascinating, surprising, and once top-secret stories. This historic building was originally constructed in 1915 by the Marconi Telegraph Co. during the First World War as the top-secret H.M. Wireless Station for the British Royal Navy. This station, now the last standing of the 11 identical stations around the world, was built to intercept secret German naval transmissions, track icebergs, and ships in distress." (

According to the museum's website, the building was a prominent location during the First World War. Not surprisingly, warfare is often associated with tragedy. With respect to the concept of tragedy, the S.S. Florizel sank in 1918. Of course, one of the museum's exhibits focuses on this vessel, as well as its history.


"​February 24 marks a dark day in Newfoundland and Labrador's marine history.When the S.S. Florizel ran aground on the rocks near Cappahayden in 1918, 94 people died when icy swells broke the steamship apart.There were 138 passengers and crew members on board when the passenger liner departed St. John's harbour the previous day, headed to Halifax and New York City."


When my grandmother and I went to the museum, she wanted me to take photographs of the exhibits. Regulations about photography at museums were less strict back then, so it wasn't a big deal. Towards the back room of the museum, there was an extensive exhibit about the S.S. Florizel, and its tragic history.


My grandmother wanted me to take pictures of this exhibit. However, there were some complications. Once I took a photo of the exhibit, the camera stopped working. It would not turn back on, no matter what I tried.

"For over 100 years, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, has been flooded by reports of paranormal activity. From phantom cries of wounded soldiers to life-like apparitions, many visitors to Gettysburg have been touched by its haunting past.Gettysburg was the site where Confederate and Union armies clashed on July 1, 1863. The battle was a three-day bloodbath that would change American history forever. When the cannon smoke cleared, the Union soldiers had won, but nearly 5,000 horses and 50,000 men lay dead or dying. Many of the Confederate soldiers never received a proper burial. Now, more the 14 decades later, these unsettled spirits may still linger in Gettysburg." (

"Pickett's Charge"

Warfare is led by emotions, which are sometimes irrational. Of course, warfare is quite complex. Although most people would wish for world peace, unfortunately this will never be possible. Conflict is a natural aspect of human nature, and the American Civil War was no different. The Civil War was decided between The Confederate and Union Armies from 1861 to 1865. When it comes to warfare, death is often associated with violence, pain- the sudden loss of life. In terms of the paranormal, the township of Gettysburg proves to be one of the most haunted places in the United States.

We will return to this in a future article.

So, why would this (my camera stopped working) happen? Are there ghosts from the First World War trapped within the grounds of this museum? And was a spirit able to obstruct the camera?

Let us know your thoughts!

The Modernist Son, 2020-2022

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