"The Hauntings of Honeywell Falls"

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Over the last few weeks, I started working on my next book. This time, my writing won't be exclusive to poetry. Instead, I'm planning to have one section dedicated to poetry, micro fiction, and then previews which will showcase other forthcoming projects based on science fiction, and life experiences.

Since becoming a fan of the #horror genre, I realize it has a natural connection with #sciencefiction. My first book "Escaping the Summit" is part of the science fiction genre, but it doesn't dive deep into horror. With that in mind, this next book will focus more on horror within different literary contexts.

When I was nineteen years-old, I started working on a novel called "The Versatile Zoo". Although I had written the entire first draft back in 2015, I've recently started the book from scratch.

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With respect to this #workinprogress, the town Harvey and his friends live in is called Honeywell Falls. Following the release of "Escaping the Summit" back in March, and the re-release a few days ago, I have decided to make a small connection between all my fictional works.

More specifically, this upcoming horror collection will be called "The Hauntings of Honeywell Falls". Although this book will not focus on the first characters I've ever created, some of them will likely make an appearance in the micro fiction stories involving the paranormal.

Readers can also purchase #EscapingtheSummit right here:


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I'm looking forward to writing this book over the summer.

Let me know your thoughts!

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