The idea behind "ghosts" appearing in photos #paranormal

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A few days ago, I received my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. So, that's why I haven't written a new blog post in a few days. I haven't really experienced any side effects, so far. Hopefully, that doesn't change.

For today's blog post, the plan here is to return to regular blog posts at . Since the creation of cameras in the late 1800s, claims of ghosts appearing in photographs have been popularized. Of course, with the popularity of photography, much of these claims were proven to be fake. Interestingly, the author behind the "Sherlock Holmes" stories, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, could not be convinced such popular photographs were bogus.

"As cameras became available to the general public, ghost photographs became common due to natural camera artifacts such as flash reflecting off dust particles, a camera strap or hair close to the lens, lens flare, pareidolia, or in modern times, deceptions using smart phone applications that add ghosts images to existing photographs."


Within the last few months, I have actually gone ghost hunting three times. Although I haven't picked up any significant evidence of spirit activity, this was an experience like no other. In terms of ghost hunting, it's often the case people pick up on activity or "evidence" through recorded audio. For instance, my friends explored an abandoned house in the past. Despite no one else being present, the spirit box produced a voice saying "yes..." when asked if there were any spirits present.

With more discussion of spirits appearing in photographs, I have some pictures that depict "spirits". Of course, these are easily debunked.

Looking at this photo, people have claimed this looks like the dog I owned while growing up. However, this is likely the reflection of light from a Christmas decoration.

According to the story, Bowring Park's first duck pond has its own spooky presence. Late at night, the ghost of a child will appear near the Peter Pan statue (behind me in the photo), asking for help finding their parents. If you take the child by the hand, their hand becomes more transparent the further you travel from the area. When I took this selfie in front of the statue, I couldn't help but notice the "yellow" figure in the background. When examining the area in real life, it was hard to determine where that actually was behind me. Ultimately, this figure was deducted as reflection of light.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you, and stay safe


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