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I've mentioned in parts two and three of this article series, Nick Valentine does not possess any sort of empathy or compassion for Cait. Despite Valentine's good nature, he truly despises everything about my favourite character in "Fallout 4".

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However, Cait doesn't share the events of her life with Valentine because she has no reason to tell him. Although Valentine is vocal about his dislike for Cait, she's not his biggest fan either because of his sometimes obtuse and cynical nature.

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Around the age of twenty-three, Cait becomes her "own person" and is able to ultimately buy her freedom. Although the issue of murdering her parents appears evil and callous, that's not quite the nature of her actions.

Cait suffered throughout her entire life, and she seizes the moment to enact revenge for the way she was treated by her parents. The instance of Cait murdering her parents is a criminal offense, which would be assessed by the Brotherhood of Steele; yet this was not committed through evil intentions.

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Following her ability to buy her way to freedom, Cait begins to experience a position of power for the first time in her life. Consequently, Cait follows through with her retribution for the abuse she received from her parents throughout her life.

Prior to her own personal redemption with help from the sole survivor, Cait continues to suffer from traumatic experiences at the Combat Zone. Following her killing of her parents, Cait turns to alcohol and chems (illegal drugs), to forget her past as a means of compensating for her actions and the choices she makes.

Working as a cage fighter in the Combat Zone which was conquered by a group of raiders in 2285, this occupation provides Cait with funds which covered the cost of living, but were not used as a means of ensuring her survival. Following a life of mistreatment, Cait spends everything she earned on chems and alcohol hoping to face death in the process:

She joined the Combat Zone as a cage fighter and fought to provide her with the funds to buy everything she needed to forget. The point of the fighting wasn't just to provide her with funds, though. She hated everyone, herself the most, and the violence - and pain, and wounds, and the Psycho - were ways to punish herself and find death. (

Stratton’s raider gang conquers the Combat Zone in 2285, much to the dismay of owner Tommy Lonegan. Moreover, the issue of Stratton and his affiliates invading the Combat Zone further exposes Cait’s vulnerability.

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Cait becomes unbeatable in the ring and garners the expected reputation. With that being said, Stratton and his gang recognize the fact that she is now a serious threat to his collective operation. Although Lonegan and Cait share a business relationship and her services are no longer required when Lonegan loses his contract with the raiders (more on that later), he cares deeply for her and wishes to protect her as if she were his own daughter. Despite being close to others in the Combat Zone, its atmosphere proves to be quite Darwinist.

The sole survivor becomes an important character in Cait’s life, considering it's their decisions which leads Cait to freedom from Stratton and the others raiders living in the Combat Zone.

Prior to Stratton’s arrival in 2285, Lonegan was quite welcoming to outsiders visiting the club. However, Stratton often eliminates those who enter the club uninvited. The issue of Stratton conquering Lonegan’s club, which was once an attraction for most residents of the Commonwealth, influences the dark atmosphere surrounding the club until the player arrives.

Within the moments the sole survivor enters the Combat Zone, players are given the option of either ignoring the quest completely, or eliminating Stratton and his gang. Moreover, eliminating Stratton and his gang remains to the only way Cait becomes available as a companion considering that her contract with Lonegan ends with the death of Stratton and his affiliates.

Initially Cait is not satisfied by her pairing with the sole survivor, yet this changes as the friendship grows between the two. In order for the player to gain admiration from Cait (at first), they must consume alcohol, illegal substances, and commit crimes such as picking locks and entering forbidden locations throughout the Commonwealth.

However, this type of behaviour from the sole survivor soon becomes unacceptable, following Cait confessing the nature of her life to the sole survivor. Moreover, in the event the sole survivor becomes close friends with Cait, she informs them of her experiences throughout the first eighteen years of her life as well as life in the Combat Zone.

Once Cait becomes close with the sole survivor, trusting them and their intentions, she will inform them of the somewhat mythical location Vault 95. Cait is unsure whether the vault actually exists, but trusts the sole survivor will assist her in finding its location.

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Vault 95 is said to allow addicts access to a laboratory which will cure them of addictions, at their own risks. Despite the fact that using the aforementioned devices provides its own risk, Vault 95 has also been conquered by the Gunners of the Commonwealth. Keeping that in mind, the Gunners are the group which almost entirely eliminated the Commonwealth’s Minute Men faction prior to the events of the game.

In order for the sole survivor to properly assist Cait, they must complete her personal quest “Benign Intervention”:

Once Cait trusts the Sole Survivor enough (requires 750 affinity), she will tell them about her history and current struggles with addiction. She will then suggest going to Vault 95 to seek treatment since her addiction has progressed to the point that standard treatments will no longer work. Vault 95 is to the west and just slightly north of Somerville Place. The Gunners have claimed the vault, so the player will have to fight their way in. (

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Prior to beginning the process of using the large Detox machine on Cait, she contemplates whether she should go through with this cleansing. Moreover, Cait understands that the Detox machine possesses the ability to overwhelm individuals which can result in death. Following some persuasion from the sole survivor on the player’s behalf, Cait decides to complete the process of recovering from addiction to illegal substances.

The changes in Cait’s attitude towards life and the player are almost instantly recognizable, such that Cait expresses her gratitude for the player and everything they have done. With respect to Cait’s gratitude towards the sole survivor, she is unable to control her emotions because she has not experienced such emotions throughout her entire life.

Prior to the sole survivor’s presence in her life, Cait was unfamiliar with the feeling of having others care for her or ensuring her safety and health. Consequently, Cait’s attitude towards life changes as she understands the sole survivor has provided her with a second chance.

Following the process of detox, Cait then accepts and appreciates the value life provides, and the fact life is a precious gift. Cait is easily my favourite character featured in 2015’s "Fallout 4." Cait lives most of her life being perceived as reckless and insufferable, when she is really just largely misunderstood. Throughout my journey of the Commonwealth, Cait’s story allowed me to realize that personal redemption serves as the driving-force throughout the video game's story.

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