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In 2015, Bethesda released "Fallout 4" for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. As I've mentioned before, this is one of my favourite video games of all time. The game offers six (human) companions for the player, and Cait is among the first players will encounter during the game’s main quest line.

©Fallout 4. A significant aspect of Cait's story comes from her upbringing. We'll touch more on that later.

From Irish descent, Cait finds herself in the Commonwealth at a young age and is essentially left to fight the world on her own.

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With respect to her complicated past, Cait proves to be one of the most interesting characters throughout the game’s main story. Although Cait has been considered “annoying” by some, players should understand the genuine horrific nature of her past. For the majority of her life, Cait has taken care of herself (alone) and this contributes to her less than ideal reputation amongst the Commonwealth and its residents.

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Following the moment Nick Valentine becomes available to players when saving him from Kellogg’s affiliates, the player soon travels from Diamond City (Fenway Park in 2287) to the Combat Zone- which is located in the old Bostonian area.

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Despite being a likable character, Valentine is proven to be quite cynical and sometimes consumed by his animosity for others. For instance, Valentine does not possess any sort of empathy or compassion for Cait, and there are no exceptions to his feelings towards her.

Regardless of the relationship between Valentine and the player, he will always disapprove the player’s association with Cait. Therefore, Valentine makes comments such as: “Are you sure you want to go with Cait?” which demonstrates his lack of empathy for those he does not like.

Although players and fanatics could argue Valentine might not express compassion for Cait because of his Synthetic programming, this is likely not the case. He just doesn't like her. Valentine displays compassion for countless characters throughout the Commonwealth, including Piper Wright, Paladin Danse, and even the sole survivor themselves. Instead, Valentine simply does not like Cait and is not afraid to express his feelings towards the twenty-six year old alleged rebel.

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Drawing from the issue of Valentine disliking Cait, this corresponds with the fact that Valentine does not understand the nature of Cait’s past so he is unwilling to accept her humanity. However, based on player choices Cait shares the nature of her past with the sole survivor which allows the player to dismiss Cait, or offer the support Cait has been longing for her entire life.

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