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The process of content creation is often the result of experience. One of my regular customers at work asked me about my poetry, the other day. When I told him I've been lacking inspiration, that's when he made me realize writing comes from actually living. So, I took a break. I was no longer forcing myself to produce as much content as possible. I deserved better. More importantly, readers deserved better. Today's post is different. Well, it's somewhat like an entry in a magazine.

When I completed my first university degree last April (2021), I found myself residing in liminal spaces. Was I actually going back to pursue a second degree? Well, yes. However, I didn't make that decision until July of this year.

As a writer, I've considered ideas that never quite make it to published pages. So, that's where the showcase concept starts. In terms of what I'm doing, this is a way to briefly discuss unrelated concepts that just never become fully-developed articles. Of course, none of this could have been done without readers. Thank you. All of you.

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Over the last six months or so, I've become close with other content creators I met through Twitter. So, let's talk about them: Earlier this year, I met fellow Canadian Gordon Blackwood through Twitter. Gordon is young (he's just twenty years old), but don't let that force your opinion of his work. Gordon's fantasy stories are filled with charm, and wit, and can be easily digested by readers.

Click this link for more about his work:

Shortly after meeting Gordon, I crossed paths with Hollis Porter. Now living in Hong Kong, Hollis has been an educator for years. Honestly, he knows something about everything, and this is evident in his work.

For more of his work:

As I continue, I've been thinking about the concept of an "overture". So, I felt this would be an interesting touch:

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Although he is known on Twitter as "The Ghost Host", Anthony Baamonde (his real name) is someone to keep your eye on from the horror genre. I love his charisma. His podcast This is Radio, Radio (2021-) is available through the "Anchor" app.

Find it right here:

This next person loves fantasy so much, she's spent the last few years perfecting her own saga. That's right, she's writing a saga. C.D. McKenna is a class act. McKenna goes out of her way to support others as much as possible, and she loves ghost hunting. I must admit, she and I lost contact for a few months. However, we did reconnect back in... June? Maybe it was July.

Her first book hasn't been published yet, but I did promote it in a previous article. Details of her fantasy saga can be found right here:

"A twisted prophecy.

A Demon King with blood on his hands and a dark secret.

A woman destined to belong to the dead but with a wicked sacrifice.

The first Dragon Rider in nearly eight centuries.. and everyone wants him."

War is on the horizon.

A new Empire rises."