The Warrior vs The Villain

Photo by: Javier Garcia

We are often subject of controversy throughout our lives,

But that should not change our ultimate plans; which is to survive our own limitations

There will always be someone- a person that paints you as the "villain" in their story... but are they wrong or are they right?

People often said this about The Warrior: that he chose to ignore the echoed voices around him

The Warrior was not a bad person; he was just a man living in a constant state of discontent

When The Warrior met HER, that's when things started to change once again

SHE helped him understand the concept of beauty within context; appreciate the smaller aspects of life

Events that provide negative emotions, there's always a method of juxtaposing those feelings

It's important to appreciate what we have, and understand the world is a place of enchantment- even in a state of frustration and recession

The Capital remains a state of ruin, but The Warrior's mind is beginning to recover from its destruction

©The Modernist Son, 2021. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Canada.

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