"There's No one Like You"

©Brandon Skanes


This is a sample from my next poetry collection. This poem is a work in progress, and is not actually aimed at a specific person. Instead, this poem is about the collective life experience.

"There's No one Like You"

Hello to this side of our cosmic realm: why must I place you on this hypothetical pedestal?

"Why should I feel this way?" I find myself asking, as our status remains ineffable

I see you glancing in my direction, but perhaps I'm just over analyzing the situation

I've been known to do this my whole life, so this makes no difference

At this point in time, I'm comfortable where I stand as I have become free

Please stop extending your fragile hands, you will not get the expected response from me; no matter the secret emotions I possess

Well, maybe you've allowed me to reassess my youth; as I continue to dance as you smile

It's been brought to my attention: you and I will never be as one

Yet that's fine by me- I've never expected the best out of every situation while crossing the Nile

Despite my valiant efforts, I cannot overcome my feelings for you

But that's okay; my youth has been extended for a little while

©The Modernist Son, 2020-2021. All Rights Reserved. Atlantic Canada.

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