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In a recent article at, we looked at how the video game Kingdoms of Amalur was inspired by real world mythology. When it comes to Celtic mythology, from which 2012’s Kingdoms of Amalur gains inspiration for its fictional lore, the “Otherworld” is believed to co-exist with the mortal world.

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The Otherworld consists of divine deities, and is also the potential home of spirits- much like the Shidhe. Of course, the Otherworld is described as a supernatural realm of everlasting youth, beauty, health, and genuine happiness. Despite possessing similarities to the concept of a parallel universe, the Otherworld varies because heroes visit this location by chance, or they have been invited by its residents.

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Once individuals step beyond the liminal threshold of the mortal and spirit world, no single experience is the same. In terms of "Kingdoms of Amalur", the player is unable to visit the Shidhe until they begin the process of forming an alliance with the Court of Summer. Interestingly, the area is somewhat restricted until the player reaches at least level ten. If players have not reached level ten and above, they will be quickly defeated by swarming enemies that reside in the Shidhe. The concept of leveling up and acquiring necessary combat skills, proves that players are worthy of crossing into a world which exists on the edge of mortal planes.

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Entry to the Otherworld proves to be a difficult task, such that the most skilled heroes are granted permission to visit this supernatural realm. Although the Otherworld exists in close proximity to the mortal world, human beings cannot freely enter at times of their choosing- they must prove they are worthy, and possess the necessary skills. Not surprisingly, the concept of the Otherworld is emulated through Kingdoms of Amalur’s primary questline. Players are introduced to members of the Court of Summer once they reach Gorhart- the first town within the video game’s world map.

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Throughout the process of completing quests for the Court of Summer, the player proves their heroic skills and determination to form an alliance between the mortal and spirit worlds. Drawing from Kingdoms of Amalur’s video game world, the Shidhe is an emulation of the Otherworld from Celtic mythology. Furthermore, the relationship between modern video games and real-world mythology remains a necessary factor for allowing stories from the past to hold significance in a world consumed by technology.

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