Wait, why is the table shaking? (Examining séance rituals in Latin America)

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The popularity of séance rituals were used as a means of drawing attention to the cultural region known as Latin America. According to historians, the séance ritual was first conducted by the French as a means of communicating with the dead. Not surprisingly, Latin America adopted this type of performance due to their French colonial history.

In terms of why peoples of Latin America wanted to communicate with the dead, this was done as a means of communicating with past politicians of the region, as well as religious figures, in order to address the current conflicts existing in the area. Despite the initial purpose of communicating with politicians and religious figures, peoples of Latin America ultimately popularized séance rituals in order to establish a unique but shared identity for the region.

Latin America primarily refers to a cultural region, rather than geographical.

Following its popularity, séance rituals brought attention to Latin America as a cultural region which allowed the area’s continued prosperity, such as tourists from other parts of the world wishing to communicate with the dead.

Interestingly, peoples living in Latin America practiced supernatural séances as a means of communicating with Catholic priests of the past. In terms of why this form of communication was used, it was believed the spirits of deceased Catholic priests possessed the ability to heal those who were sick, injured, or required spiritual healing. Nevertheless, spiritual séances became a major aspect of popular culture once it reached North America, and parts of Europe. (Linda H. Connor, Séances and Spirits of the Dead…)

"A Seance is a ritual that can be used to invoke or summon the presence of Spirits to a certain location. Seances can be performed by certain Psychics or others. It is typically used to communicate with the other side. A Seance can be used to force Spirits to reveal their presence, though this ritual may also prove to be quite dangerous, as it can draw unwanted spirits or greatly anger the summoned spirit, causing it to become violent." (https://supernatural-beings.fandom.com/wiki/Seance)

Although many people have dismissed the concept of séance rituals, this didn't stop people from hosting parties for this purpose during the Victorian period. Not surprisingly, people around the world were inspired by popular Gothic novels of the 1800s. Of course, people continue to be obsessed with séance rituals and the supernatural, today.

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