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By the middle-ages, the new developments of technology were used in ways that benefitted society as a whole. Not only was the newly developed technology useful to people in the military, but the development of new technology also played a role in the status of society going forward.

"Henry the 8th was once King of England"

Well, this has always been the case with progress. Human beings are introduced to basic technology as soon as they are old enough to remember: such as a napkin or a spoon. I'm serious. At some point, even a napkin was considered "new technology".

"Fair use"

Throughout the history of the modern world, technology often played a large role in the progression of society. However, the focus here is the progression of society during the medieval period. Furthermore, new technology allowed new ways of thinking.

This new knowledge of technology and the resources that were available contributed to the shaping of society, and influenced the way society evolved and worked over time.

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Historian Lynn Townsend White discusses the relationship for new innovative technology during the middle-ages and its relationship with warfare in their book "Medieval Technology and Social Change". Townsend White talks about the stirrup, which created a sense of balance and proved to be much more stable for soldiers in the military. Townsend White says:

"The stirrup made possible although it did not demand- a vastly more effective mode of attack: now the rider could lay his lance at rest, held between the upper arm and the body, and make at his foe, delivering the blow not with his muscles but with the combined weight of himself and his charging stallion."

The invention of the stirrup proved to be quite useful for those in the military. With the creation of the stirrup, the combatant no longer had to solely rely on themselves when riding a stallion and to remain balanced. The technology that was created by the stirrup allowed for more impact. Of course, the solider as well as the charging stallion were able to effectively display the competence of the stirrup while fighting in battle.

Keeping that in mind, the stirrup located on the saddle allowed for riders to use their own strength as well as the strength of the stallion in to achieve the best results while on the field.

The invention of the stirrup provided significant innovation for the military, as this allowed military technology to drastically increase from what was used prior to changes in the way saddles were made for horses.

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Keeping that in mind, it's clear the development of the stirrup created many changes for the way battles ensued. With the combined force of the combatant wielding the weapon and the power of the stallion, this was effective in establishing the new power produced by the weapon.

While combatants used the stirrup, this allowed a greater sense of balance. So, the rider was able to focus solely on their opposition and enemy without being injured due to a lack of balance.

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Further Reading:

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