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Following the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, gamers got another glimpse at the upcoming video game from Warner Bros and Interactive called "Back 4 Blood". This multiplayer, first-person shooter comes from the creative minds behind the cult favourite "Left for Dead".

Since we have been living through the COVID-19 pandemic for a year an a half, it's no surprise horror films, books, and video games have increased in popularity. The world is in a state of distraught, so many writers (myself included) have created fictional worlds from their anxiety and frustration.

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So, this game from Warner Bros: players will follow a group of "hunters" living in a zombie apocalypse. Although the game is primarily multiplayer, I'm still going to play it. I have friends I can play the game with, and "Back 4 Blood" will also be available on day one through #GamePassUltimate.

In terms of what I found most interesting, I think it's the issue of "zombie versus zombie" or "zombie versus human". In that case, we will find out who truly has the upper-hand.


Are you excited about this game? Let me know.

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