What do these guardian spirits have in common ?

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Deep within the Peruvian and Brazilian jungles of South America, people claim there is a creature known as the Chullachaki. I first heard about this legend when I saw an episode of "Destination Truth" (created by Josh Gates) back in high school. I must confess, Josh Gates has played a role in my love for the "unexplained" since I was a teenager.

According to South American folklore, this creature is possibly a guardian spirit which stands on one leg, protecting the priceless treasures hidden within the jungle.

Although not a lot is known about this creature, he is said to have the ability to transform himself into any type of living animal. Therefore, those entering the South American jungles seeking treasure- they might not find their way out because of this trickster. More specifically, the Chullachaki is said to deliberately lead travellers to uncharted areas, hoping they never escape the jungle again.

This reminds me of something else:

The Will-o'-the-wisp is a type of ghost or spirit from English and North American folklore. With that in mind, the Will-o'-the-wisp or "Jack o'lantern" is an atmospheric ghost which has been spotted by travellers in forest areas, often near bodies of water as well. So, what do these spirits have in common?

Well, their physical forms are said to be short, deformed, and goblin-like. Furthermore, the Will-o'-the-wisp is viewed as a bad omen. For example, campers become distracted by a "bright light" in the distance, and keep failing to determine what the light is. As a result, campers will likely follow the light until they become lost and unable to return to safety. In most cases, these individuals will meet their demise. Of course, this is what the Will-o'-the-wisp wants.

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