What Purpose does a Talisman Serve? Looking at Mythology and the Supernatural

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When it comes to the worship of the divine, often times people will honour "vessels" of those divine beings. Interestingly, this comes in various forms. For example, statues of Athena would be used to pay devotion to the famous Greek goddess.

"Fair Use"

In my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Roman Catholicism became a major aspect of our history. With that being said, it wouldn't be uncommon for most homes in this province to have a cross in- maybe every room. Despite the controversial nature of religion in this province, it has remained constant.

In today's blog post, let's look at what people have to say about religious vessels. Although statues and even paintings of the divine are viewed as manifestations of that specific divine entity (meaning the god or goddess exists inside all objects depicting them); some people will deliberately destroy these objects.

The Basilica of St. John the Baptist is one of the oldest churches in North America.

Furthermore, the inherent goal is eliminating the presence of the specific god. I asked a fellow writer how they felt about this and they said:

"Growing up in a small place, religion was pretty important. But some people wanted to get rid of it. Those were also the people who would vandalize the church- as you know, that is the house of God."

In terms of the purpose of objects depicting gods, or other sacred elements; some people believe these objects will protect them from evil. Not surprisingly, religion has been a major force around the world since the beginning of civilization. Painted or written as magical symbols, "Fulu" are portrait style talisman which came to light from Chinese Buddhism.

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Following the emergence of protection-based talisman, these also exist in Japan, and the Shinto religion.


Something to consider, is that a large amount of Buddhists do not actually believe in the use of Fulu. However, some peoples believe having Fulu in your home or other sacred places will actually protect from evil spirits.

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Interestingly, some abandoned places (believed to be haunted) will have talisman hanging around the area. Therefore, talisman sometimes exist as a type of "warning" for those daring to enter the premises.

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