What's in store for each brand? (WWE 2K22)

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When it comes to GM mode, universe mode, or 24/7 mode (Smackdown vs Raw 2008), one of the most interesting aspects of wrestling video games is choosing your champions. For instance, I made Keith Lee NXT North American Champion (in WWE 2K20) about two months before WWE did this themselves. The following article is part one, in a series of three. Today (well, it's actually 10:32 p.m. as I write this article), I am going to discuss my plans for the #WWERaw brand in the upcoming WWE 2K22.


WWE Champion: Big E

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In the early days of NXT (back when it was a farm territory), Big E (Langston) won his first-ever world title in WWE. Shortly after his debut on the "main roster", Langston won the prestigious Intercontinental Championship.

Following 2020's superstar shakeup, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were traded to the Raw brand. Nevertheless, Big E remained on Smackdown and started a proper singles run.

During his new singles run, Big E has claimed his second Intercontinental Championship. Since he's no longer an official part of the New Day faction, I would be interested to see Big E go to Raw, and become a dominant heel- winning the WWE title in the process.

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United States Championship: Keith Lee

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"Limitless" Keith Lee is a former NXT Champion, as well as North American Champion. Actually, Lee held both titles simultaneously- being the first to do so. Is Keith Lee a future WWE Champion? Maybe.

I'm a big fan of his, but I really think he needs to win the United States Title first. If that happens, he will be the first man to have held the North American, NXT, and United States Championships in WWE history.

Raw Tag Team Champions: Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik

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Admittedly, these guys have failed to win tag team gold- way too many times. Of course, both men are former 24/7 champions, but it's only a matter of time before WWE hopefully puts one of three main tag team titles on Lucha House Party.

Keeping that in mind, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch finally won the NXT tag team titles a few months ago. So, it's possible Metalik and Dorado will get their time in the sun.

Raw Women's Championship: Peyton Royce

I've been a big fan of Peyton Royce (specifically) when she first joined the NXT brand. Despite her evident talent, Royce has never been a world champion in WWE. Interestingly, she was one of my longest-reigning champions in WWE 2K19. Royce held the Smackdown Women's Championship for 229 days until she lost the title to Becky lynch.

At the time of writing this article, Peyton Royce showed a valiant effort against Raw Women's Champion, Asuka, earlier this week on "Monday Night Raw." Hopefully, Peyton Royce wins a world championship soon, it would be something I'd love to see.

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What are your thoughts?

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