When Japanese folklore inspires my first tattoo...

(c) Kurama. This artwork was inspired by the Naruto anime from Japan.

I will be twenty-five in just a few weeks, and have yet to receive my first tattoo. Although I have wanted to get tattoos since I was a teenager, it just never happened. Over the last year, I started writing internet articles about various topics. However, I found my niche towards the end of 2020. Since then, we have been focusing on the supernatural as well as video games at themodernistson.com.

One of my first internet articles discussed the Japanese urban legend- the kitsune. With that in mind, it's important to remember the word "kitsune" from the Japanese language translates to "fox", in English. Although the name of a Japanese fox doesn't necessarily mean anything special, the story itself is remarkable.

"Something to consider is that human beings and foxes lived together in close proximity during ancient times in Japan. The relationship between humans and foxes depicted divine connotations, according to the common people during this period of history. Consequently, the relationship between foxes and humans inspired legends about the creatures; known in Japan as the kitsune. In most cases, legends are often loosely inspired by real world events. However, legends cannot entirely be proven false. That is what makes folklore interesting. There is no way of proving whether something is true or not, such that legends rely on the validity of belief." (written by Brandon Skanes, owner of themodernistson.com)

(c)Vixenheart777 via https://yokai.fandom.com/wiki/Kitsune?file=The_kitsune_personal_meanings_by_nin_wolf-d53oyb8.png

In some versions of the kitsune narrative, people believe this creature is a benevolent force. More specifically, this creature provides kindness, loyalty, and good news. Throughout my life, I have overcome adversity. Since I've been thinking about getting my first tattoo, I believe the Japanese fox is the perfect concept. Ultimately, this creature is a symbol of strength.

"Within a folkloristic context, the supernatural is usually dismissed. However in the case of the Nine-tailed Kitsune, it is important to acknowledge this as a legitimate aspect of folklore. The issue of people genuinely believing the kitsune is a manifestation of a messenger for good things to come, effectively supports the validity of belief. Although some might dismiss this idea, the meaning behind the kitsune narrative is what makes the story so powerful. Drawing from the aforementioned statement, this becomes quite interesting to me because individuals are willing to make sacrifices to the kitsune hoping for good fortune in return. Whether the story is legitimate, is not the focal point. Instead, the fact that individuals are willing to believe in the supernatural kitsune becomes the most significant aspect of the legend." (written by Brandon Skanes, via themodernistson.com)

(c)See U in History / Mythology/ YouTube

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