Wrestling Chatter: AEW Record, and My Love for MLW

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The team Von Erich 3G represent the promotion Major League Wrestling, and are the company's world tag team champions. Marshall (left) and Ross (right) have influenced my love for tag team wrestling, and gained my admiration for Major League Wrestling, which is my favourite promotion. Major League Wrestling, (MLW) is expected to return in the near future, and I cannot wait. #MLWFusion

Today is August 30, 2020, and wrestling history has been made once again. Formerly known as "Dean Ambrose" under the WWE banner, Jon Moxley,(real name Jonathan Good) is now recognized as the longest reigning world heavyweight champion in All Elite Wrestling (AEW) history. Moxley defeated the former champion, Chris Jericho, back in February. Furthermore, his championship reign has now reached 183 days which makes (his) the longest in company history at the time of writing this article. Good is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, having held the title for 84 days in 2016 as Dean Ambrose. Although this was his first major world championship win, time has proven that his AEW Championship reign has become much more significant. Keeping that in mind, Good is allowed the freedom to express the intensity of the Moxley character and the matches have been nothing less than fantastic. The AEW Championship is set to be defended on September 5, as Moxley faces the challenger MJF. Despite the booking of MJF's character, (having an undefeated streak in singles competition), many fans believe this will be the first major loss for MJF in All Elite Wrestling. Interestingly, MJF joined All Elite Wrestling full time following his departure from Major League Wrestling, (my favourite promotion) in January of 2020 when he lost to Mance Warner in a "no holds barred" match. With that being said, the loser of the aforementioned match was forced to leave Major League Wrestling forever; with the stipulation being "loser leaves town". Nevertheless, AEW "All Out" should be an entertaining show, but I also quite look forward to the return of Major League Wrestling over the next little while. Within the the last number of years, professional wrestling has become more popular than it's ever been with the abundance of choices fans have. Despite the state of the world at this moment, professional wrestling has been there for its fans; such that I would like to say congratulations to Jon Moxley on becoming the longest reigning AEW Champion.

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