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Within the last few weeks (at the time of writing this article), the highly-anticipated WWE 2K22 was officially announced during the broadcast of #WrestleMania. It's been over a year since the last WWE video game (in terms of the main series), and this is something many fans are looking forward to. Of course, this is not my first blog post about WWE video games. I love wrestling.

I've been a fan of professional wrestling most of my life, and I'm a big fan of video games. So, wrestling video games have always been some of my favourites. In today's blog post at #themodernistson, I'm not going to exclusively talk about WWE 2K22. Instead, I'm going to discuss a project WWE Games should consider.

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Back in 2009 WWE Games (THQ at the time) released Legends of WrestleMania for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Despite its potential, some wrestling fans didn't enjoy this game. I bought it back in 2019, and it's not that bad. I actually enjoyed it.

In terms of why this video game was released, this was a means of drawing the attention of older wrestling fans. 2009's Legends of WrestleMania featured the biggest stars of the 1980s and 1990s, such as Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Interestingly, this was the only WWE video game to feature Koko B. Ware. Another aspect of this game, players were able to use wrestlers of the past in their prime as the game was very much a romanticized world of professional wrestling.

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When I was absent from work in 2019 (due to an injury), I played a lot of WWE 2K19. Furthermore, playing that particular game was necessary for my mental healing process. Since I played WWE 2K19 extensively, this allowed me to contemplate the potential projects WWE Games could release. More specifically, I believe WWE Games should focus on a legends-based video game, following the release of #WWE2K22.

Although WWE 2K20 was a critical failure, I've actually enjoyed the game. However, I have been frustrated with the game crashing during #universemode. Besides that, I don't really have any complaints.

So, why should WWE Games release another legends-based video game? Well, in recent years, fans have argued that WWE's product is primarily enjoyed by people less than twenty-five years old. With that in mind, WWE has attempted to bring back elements of the #AttitudeEra since 2019. In order to captivate older wrestling fans, maybe it's time they play exclusively as their childhood favourites.

Most notably, Bobby Lashley and MVP as "The Hurt Business" on RAW has provided some unsettling violence on WWE television- and wrestling fans love to see it. In terms of SmackDown, we have Roman Reigns as "The Tribal Chief"- a complete sociopath of a character. I made a tweet following Friday's SmackDown, "you know Roman is a good heel when you're pissed off that he retained."

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With respect to WWE Games, I would definitely pre-order a legends-based video game from 2K. Evidently, 2K has promised major changes for the upcoming WWE 2K22. In the event this game is successful, it would be fascinating to see another major WWE legends game which follows the gameplay formula of WWE 2K22. In that case, wrestling fans could play as wrestlers such as Bret Hart, Triple H, and others; during the days of the #AttitudeEra.

At the height of the Attitude Era in the late 1990s, this was the time professional wrestling video games were frequently released for the first time. More specifically, WWE had its rival promotion WCW releasing video games, as well. Since WWE owns the rights to WCW (World Championship Wrestling), a legends-based video game could feature a story experience which highlights the rivalry between WWE and WCW during the late 1990s. However, this time it will be different: players can have championship matches whenever they like.

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